Wanted Thought Organized
By Italy and Israel


21 countries with wonderful cultures, full of history and traditions overlook the Mediterranean sea.

During the centuries the Mediterranean has been crossed by explorers, merchants, conquerors and is still considered by some to be a sea that divides and by others a sea that unifies people and lands.

It is a sea with differences that create conflicts and wars.
It is a sea with differences that bring richness and inexhaustible opportunities.

We wish to review this sea with the eyes of Playback Theatre, exploring the special methods in which playback theatre allows us to know each other, to meet each other and to share.
We will breath together the Mediterranean climate with sounds, perfumes, colours thanks to a special welcome in a restored Tuscan farm. We’ll eat typical food from the region We’ll celebrate with music and dances of the Mediterranean countries represented at the meeting.
It will be a special occasion to experience the heart of Mediterranean culture, an occasion to compare ourselves and to learn new ways to do Playback Theatre, to enjoy a beautiful sea and to live a nature full of energy.
Each participant can choose different proposals each day: workshops (each with a specific theme), sharing peculiarities about Playback Theatre and sharing traditions.
There will be free time to go to the beach, swimming in the sea and to go for walks in the pinewood. There will be performances with local traditions.